SSL Certificates Pricing

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SSL Certificates New Renewal Add License
1 Year 2 Years 1 Year 2 Years 1 Year 2 Years
SSL 123 3599.00 6399.00 3599.00 6399.00 1999.00 3399.00
Web Server Certificate 7399.00 13599.00 6999.00 11999.00 3599.00 6599.00
SGC Super Certificate 13599.00 22099.00 11299.00 19999.00 9499.00 16499.00
Web Server Wild Card Certificate 22999.00 36599.00 22999.00 36599.00 16499.00 27499.00

SSL123 is Thawte's entry level certificate which provides validation that your domain is registered and that you have authorized the purchase of the certificate. Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and your clients' web browsers.

Certificate Features and Benefits:

Encryption : Up to 256-bit encryption enabled
Browser Compatibility : Highest in industry
Certificate Details : Domain name only
Thawte Trusted Site Seal : Included (available in 18 multiple languages)
Root CA : Yes
Free Reissues : Yes - unlimited for the lifespan of the certificate
Technical Support : Free, 24/5 multi-lingual for all global time zones
Secures Internationalized Domains : Yes - Thawte is the first Certification Authority to have all its SSL certificates support IDNs character sets.
Time to Issuance : Within minutes* of completing enrollment
SGC Technology : No
CRL : Yes - Certificate Revocation List fully supported
Online Certificate Status Protocol : Yes - A major software vendor has released a beta version of their browser that will have automatic certificate revocation checking as a default option

This new checking protocol will maximize the speed of checking the status of Thawte certificates and will minimize the possibilities of online fraud as invalid certificates and companies will immediately be exposed to the end customer

Thawte has invested significantly in the infrastructure which can support OCSP - something not all CAs will be able to provide and support.

Please Note:

We provide up to 256bit SSL certificate from Thawte. Before requesting for SSL Certificate, one has to generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from their hosting provider. Also the site has to be hosted on Unique IP. SSL Certificate can work only with unique IP.

Once all the details are provided for SSL Certificate, we will submit the same to Thawte and they will issue certificate after the verification (they may call or email you {on admin contact / registrant contact of the domain name} for the verification).

This process could take around 4-5 days. If verification is done on time, it will be processed within a day as well.

** Delays in issuance may be caused if your domain is not registered with an accredited online registrar.