SiteLock Secutiry Pricing/Yr.

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Plan Name Basic
Static Websites
Dynamic Websites
Ecommerce Websites
Web Applications
Pricing INR 1000.00 2500.00 3000.00 9999.00
360 Degree Scan & Network Security
Number of Pages 25 100 500 2500
Daily Malware Scan        
Network Scan        
Daily FTP Scan        
Automatic Malware Removal        
File Change Monitoring        
Website Application Scan 1 Time 1 Time    
SQL Injection Scan 1 Time 1 Time    
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) 1 Time 1 Time    

Trueshield Firewall

Security Alerts        
Use of Global Network to Identify Malicious Behaviour        
Block Bad Bot Attacks        
Search Engine Access        
Comment Spam Elimination        
CAPTCHA Security        
Block Content "Scraping"        

Blacklist Monitoring

Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring        
Spam Verification        
SSL Verification        
Business Verification        
Phone Number Verification        
Postal Address Verification        

TrueSpeed CDN

Unlimited Bandwidth        
Global CDN        
Caching of Static Content        
Compression if Static Content        
Content Minification        
Image Optimization        
Note: * SSL-enabled websites are not compatible with the Basic Firewall & CDN that is included for Free in every plan. However, the scans will work as expected for such sites.